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Boltya The Swimmer, An Abla Kamil Arabic DVD Film (dvd2464)

Boltya The Swimmer, An Abla Kamil Arabic DVD Film

بلطية العايمة

يحكى الفيلم قصة سيدة ارملة تدعى بلطية وهي تعيش في منطقة الماكس بالاسكندرية وترعى شقيقتها الصغيرة، تدخل بلطية في مواجهة مع مجموعة من المستثمرين الذين يسعون لامتلاك شاطئ الماكس وطرد اهله منه لبناء فيلات وشاليهات للاثرياء
Land in the hands of the poor is worthless but in the hands of the rich is priceless". When a wealthy developer decides to demolish the heavily populated seaside "slums" to build luxury estates, he has to first get rid of all the poor residents of the area. Sayyidah Abdel Salam El Attar, known as "Boltiya" since her youth, is a widow supporting her mother, sister, and three children with her food stand on the Alexandria corniche. When the developer attempts to force the residents out and offers a low price, Boltiya stands up to the developer and his government friends and demands a fair and reasonable solution before they give up their homes. Using intimidation, arson, and even fake charges to land Boltiya in jail, the developer succeeds in convincing some residents but not all. Will Boltiya succeed or does the will of the wealthy prevail at the expense of the poor? Abla Kamel gives an incredible and moving performance in this well-written drama about the plight of the poor and disenfranchised, both in Egypt and around the world.

DVD Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Dual Layer Format

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Starring:  ِِAbla Kamil, Mai Kasab, Sami AL Adl, Alaa Mursi, Edward, Saeed Trabeek
Directed by:   Ali Rageb
Produced by:  Karim Al Subki
Written by:   Bilal Fadl
Language: Arabic
Subtitle Tracks: None Click here for list of subtitled DVDs
Colour Mode: Color
Region Code: NTSC
Running Time: 90 mins. approx.

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