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Documentary - Fakhamat Al Malek Set of 4 DVDs (DVD2077)

Documentary - Fakhamat Al Malek Set of 4 DVDs

     Camille Chamoun’s biography and journey since his birth in Deir el Kamar in 1900 till his presidency in 1952: his college years, his exile to Anatolia, and his enrollment in the Lebanese assembly in 1934. The independence battle in 1943, his arrest in Racheyya, his transfer from the ministry to the embassy in London, and his relationship with the English. The conflict with president Bechara El Khoury and the story of the opposition. The white revolution and the secrets of the presidential elections. The prosperous years before the hurricane in 1958.

     The revolution of 1958, its preludes and causes, politics of the allied, Nasserim, Suez war, the conflict with Abdel Nasser, Eizenhauer’s principle, Camille Chamoun facing the opposition after the elections of 1957, the Syrian - Egyptian unity in opposition to the Lebanese unity, the assasination of Nassib El Matni and the revolution burst.

      From the small revolution in 1958 to the big war in 1975; Marines enrollment, Fouad Chehab’s elections, the Chehabi and Chamouni movements. The conflicts of alliances and ideologies and 1968 elections, the Palestinian oil that set the fire on Lebanese gunpowder. Training camps and the start of the Liberal Tigers, “Noumour Al-Ahrar”, the preludes of the explosion and the position of Camille Chamoun as leader of the right wing.

      Camille Chamoun’s last years and his battles in the long Lebanese war: the secrets of the syrian insertion and Chamoun’s position, the Lebanese front and the conflict between Elias Sarkis’ republic and Camille Chamoun’s state. The collision with the Syrians and the 100 - day war, Bachir Gemayel the good spiritual son, the Israeli intervention and invasion, the Mountain War and the wars of the republic, assassinated by the swords of schism, boycott and fall. The journey to eternity in Deir El Kamar in 1987.

DVD Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Dual Layer Format

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Starring:  Kameel Sham'oun
Directed by:   LBC
Written by:   LBC
Language: Arabic
Subtitle Tracks: None - Click here for list of subtitled DVDs
Colour Mode: Color
Region Code: NTSC
Running Time: 410 mins. approx.

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