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What's New
1. 365 Days of Happiness, an Ahmed Izz Arabic Movie
2. Omar & Salma Part 3, A Tamir Hosni Arabic Film DVD
3. Al Shawg(Lust), A Roubi Arabic Movie on DVD
4. Ghish Al Zawgiya, A Ramiz Galal Arabic DVD Film
5. Wahid Saheeh, A Hany Salama Arabic DVD Film

Top Sellers
1. Yacoubian Building Adel Emam, Arabic DVD
2. School of Terrors (Madrasit Elmoshaghebeen)
3. The Blind Witness (Shahid Mashafsh Haga)
4. The Kids Have Grown Up (Eleial Kebret)
5. Sayed The Servant (Elwad Sayed Elshaghal)
DVDs with English and French Subtitles (English)

DVDs with English and French Subtitles

Arabic Movies DVDs with English and French Subtitles

English Subtitles Arabic DVD Movies with English and French Subtitles

Arabic dvds .com has a lot of dvds movies in the Arabic language with English and French Even Some Chinese subtitle movie like the Message DVD with Anthony Quinn ( in English).

ID Title Starring Language Subtitle 1 Subtitle 2
dvd2120 Whatever are you thinking? Limby Part 2 Abla Kamel Arabic English  
dvd2123 His Excellency… The Minister DVD Ahmad Zaki Arabic English  
dvd2063 Ali Baba and the Pirates Children DVD Ali Baba Arabic English French
dvd2071 Strong Heart Arabic DVD Mustafa Kamar Arabic English  
dvd2081 Fatima Arabic DVD Oum Kulthum Arabic English French
dvd2082 A Man in Our House Arabic DVD Omar Sharif Arabic English French
dvd2083 Adrift on the Nile Arabic DVD Mervat Amin Arabic English French
dvd2084 The Fabulous Samia Gamal Samia Gamal n/a English French
dvd2085 The Nightingale's Prayer Arabic DVD Fatten Hamama Arabic English French
dvd2086 Afrita Hanem - The Genie Lady DVD Samia Gamal Arabic English French
dvd2013 First Love (Elhob Elawal) Arabic DVD Mostafa Kamr Arabic English  
dvd2027 Days of Sadat Arabic DVD Ahmed Zaki Arabic English French
dvd2114 Something From Misery Arabic DVD Soad Hosny Arabic English French
dvd2088 Marcel Khalife - Voyageur Arabic DVD Marcel Khalife Arabic English French
dvd2089 Jenin Jenin Documentary Arabic English  
dvd2043 The War of Lebanon (Harb Lenan) Documentary Arabic English French
Afrotto Egyptian play Mohamed Henedi Arabic English French
The Message Al Resalah In English Anthony Quinn
English Chinese  
Lion of the Desert In English Anthony Quinn English    
Film Sakafi Egyptian DVD movie Ahmad Eid Arabic English French
Gaza Strip Documentary Arabic English French
Why Do Girls Like You?

Hany Salamah

Arabic English  
Film Hindi Egyptian DVD movie Ahmed Adam Arabic English  
The White Rose Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab Arabic English  
Ziab La Ta'kol Al Lahem (Wolves Don't Eat Meat) Nahed Sherif Arabic English French
dvd2236 Lahalibo Huseen Faieg Arabic English  
dvd2220 Sayedat Al Akmar Al Sawdaa Nahid Usrah Arabic English French
pal2114 El Halfoot Adel Imam Arabic English French
dvd2213 Kally Balak Min Zozo Arabic DVD Soad Hosny Arabic English  
dvd2093 The Hunger Soad Hosny Arabic English French
dvd2239 Tamr Henna Faizah Ahmed Arabic English  
dvd2110 Word of Honor Fareed Shogi Arabic English French
dvd2157 Sleepless Faten Hamama Arabic English French
dvd2156 Africano Ahmed Al Sakka Arabic English French
dvd2145 Hello America Adel Imam Arabic English  
dvd2153 Reckless Husbands Adel Imam Arabic English French
dvd2159 Everybody Wants to Fall in Love Nour Elsherif Arabic English French
dvd2053 A Girl's Secrets Sharif Ramzi Arabic English French
dvd2147 Birds of Darkness Adel Imam Arabic English  
dvd2065 Date with the Unknown Omar Sharif Arabic English French
dvd2200 The Best of Times Hanan Turk Arabic English French
dvd2240 Dananeer Om Kalthoum Arabic English French
dvd2078 Insatiable Soad Husni Arabic English French
dvd2212 Habeeb Al Omer Fareed Al Atresh Arabic English  
dvd2111 The Open Door Faten Hamama Arabic English French
dvd2080 Tarzan Ismail Yassin Arabic English French
dvd2154 Beach Bum Yasmeen Abel Aziz Arabic English  
dvd2211 Bent Alhareth Fayroze Arabic English  
dvd2232 Alkroog Min Algana Fareen Al Atresh Arabic English  
dvd2047 Away from Land Mahmoud Yassin Arabic English French


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